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Kick-Ass Kitchen Wizard (student/flexi)

About the job

As our kitchen wizard you can have two possible roles. One’s the hot side of our cuisine and the other’s the cold side. In cooperation with the cash desk responsable, these roles form the engine room of our restaurant and are equally awesome as they are critical. The three of you can perform a beautiful and elegant dance like Swan Lake or… perform a terrible show like Donald Trump at his rally in Tulsa past June. But don’t worry! We train every new staff member thoroughly and you’ll get enough time to adjust to the rhythm of our train. Preparing dishes or baking vegetables while thinking two steps ahead? Yes we can! You’ll learn a bunch of new skills while making tons of friends. Our team has an uplifting spirit which will immediately affect you. Above all, we are a fast growing company where it’s easy to leave a lasting impression.

As a restaurant we try to show people there’s a delicious and conscious alternative to the fastfood we know. We yield our own vegetables in city farms and are trying to become 100% organic by 2021. Come and help us create the world of tomorrow today.

About you

  • Experience in the kitchen / catering industry / Horeca 👩🏾‍🍳
  • Being a team player 🤾‍♂️
  • Understand the importance of health and hygiene 🧼
  • The ability to listen and learn ✏️
  • A little bit of stamina 🌶️
  • Great Spotify playlists to share with us (ow yeah!)

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